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Cusco Rear Lateral Sway Bar Reinforcement Power Brace

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The BEST Subaru Rear Sway Bar Reinforcements In The Market 2008+ WRX/STI

Model# = 6A1492RL

Developed by chassis engineers based off the data logged directly from CUSCO Motorsports research. The Power brace strengthens chassis and minimizes body flex especially at cornering loads, enabling optimal suspension movement at the intended geometrically aligned state. Having the same effect as stitch welding a chassis, the Powerbrace series are 100% bolt-on and completely effective on all vehicle chassis no matter stock or highly modified.

These bars are lightweight and engineered inside & out by using the state of the art chassis stress test simulation software by leading Motorsports professionals.

2008-2014 WRX
2008-2014 STI
2015+ WRX
2015+ STI

SMY Performance Dual Gauge Pods

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Three Gauge Pods That Match OEM Fitment and Exceed OEM Specs
1) 2002-2007 WRX & 2004-2007 STI = SMYCLSTR27
2) 2008-2014 WRX & 2008-2014 STI = SMYCLSTR1
3) 2015+ WRX & 2015+ STI = SMYCLSTR15

SMY Performance has designed and created what has become the standard when it comes to gauge pods. There are no other companies in the Subaru Community that will offer you anything close. The days of screwing into your dashboard, "making it fit" or the use of anything else but OEM installation points are OVER. You can expect a perfect fit all the time. This is why we at SMY offer a lifetime warranty on these products.

Perrin Performance Pitch Stop Brace 2015+ WRX/STI

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Protect Your Car From This Type of Failure

The OEM Subaru pitch stop brackets fail over time. Help prevent this failure with the Perrin Performance Pitch Stop Brace model# PSP-DRV-112BK.

Product Link: Perrin Performance Pitch Stop Brace 2015+ WRX/STI
Price: $280.80 (Free Shipping Included In Price If Shipped Within The Contiguous USA)

The Problem:
Under normal driving conditions, the drivetrain is constantly moving back and forth. This movement is absorbed by the OEM pitch stop brackets and have not caused any problems until 2015+ year models were released. This normal movement of the drivetrain and weaker OEM brackets lead to failures shown in the graphics below. These failures come in the form of OEM brackets tearing, welds breaking off of the firewall, and sometimes a combination of the two.

Why You Need It:
The Perrin Performance Pitch Stop Brace does exactly what its name implies, it reinforces the brackets that connect the pitch stop to the car. Even under normal driving conditions, the brackets flex (see the animated graphic below for an illustration of this). The Perrin Performance Pitch Stop Brace acts as a means of helping to prevent damage and possible failure to your pitch stop brackets.

Clutch Master Cylinder Brace and Lines:
An added benefit of the Perrin Performance Pitch Stop Brace is that it not only comes with an upgraded clutch line, but also braces the clutch master cylinder, reducing firewall flex when depressing the clutch pedal. This is most noticeable on cars with stiffer aftermarket clutches.
Included in the Perrin Performance Pitch Stop Brace kit is a replacement stainless steel braided Teflon clutch line. Not only does this clean up your engine bay, but our unrestricted stainless steel braided clutch line provides a faster response, and more firm and consistent pedal feel.

Product Photos:
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